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There's no place like a clean home. Please don't forget the roof. 

Roof cleaning is an artful science. One must not just apply some bleach and blast away with high pressure. That's the quickest way to do damage that won't be recognized until bleach (so corrosive) has rusted roofing nails. Many times this damage won't appear until a good rainstorm drenches your roof. The evidence can show up as a stream running down a chandelier over your dining table, a shiny puddle in a hallway dome light, or worse. Cleaning your roof requires proper preparation of gutters and downspouts, your plants, and keeping your organic vegetable garden organic!

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When it comes to cleaning, the pre-treatment of solution should do its work. We are talking about something called 'dwell time' of our specially formulated solution. Our pre-treatment solution dissolves year of microbial growth, dirt, bird and squirrel droppings, mold, mildew, bacteria, and algae.


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However, just before our pre-treatment is applied, your roof gets thorough inspection to make sure that no shingles are at the point of replacement. Here is a complete list of roofing components to inspect: dormer, drip edge, fascia, soffit, valley, hip, gable, flashing, shingles, and starter strip. Our inspections include photo and video (upon request) documentation. Click here to see our drone inspection service.

After our pre-treatment completes its dwell time, then it's time to softly wash your home. This is called our Soft Wash Process. This is not a high powered blasting, but a gentle washing that reveals your roof's original luster.

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Soft Wash Process

Roof Inspection

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Roof Cleaning, Clean Roof

roof |ro͞ofro͝of| noun (plural roofs) the structure form-ing the upper covering of a building.

• the top inner surface of a covered area or space; the ceiling: the roof of the cave fell in.


• used to signify a house or other building, especially in the context of hospitality or shelter: helping those without a roof over their heads | they slept under the same roof

clean |klēn| adjective1 free from dirt, marks, or stains: the room was spotlessly clean | keep the wound clean.

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verb [with object] make (something or someone) free of dirt, marks, or mess, especially by washing, or wiping.

Gutters... Gutters... Gutters...

The title says it all. Beautiful, natural life around our homes with lovely indigenous pine and oak trees. But with these trees comes leaves and pine needles, and what do those trees have, leaves, those pesky little things that clog up our gutters. Good thing there is Gutter Guard. Gutter Guard, when installed properly, can protect your gutters from those beautiful leaves, especially when the trees around your home begin to shed them around this time of year. But Gutter Guard does more than that, it keeps you safe and saves you money. 

But Gutter Guard does more than that, it keeps you safe and saves you money. 

Forget about climbing up on a ladder to clean those clogged gutters, let alone having to pay someone to do it for you, Gutter Guard has got you covered. No pun intended. So, what is Gutter Guard, you ask? It’s a revolutionary system that works with your roof, and you. Gutter Guard is a mesh screen that fits over the gutter system already existing on your roof! This isn’t any old mesh screen though; Gutter Guard is made out of surgical grade stainless steel mesh. This means Gutter Guard won't rust or corrode anytime soon. It can be either taped on or screwed in securely to provide you with protection from leaves, pinecones, pine needles, and even small animals. The screen mesh that is installed has holes that allow water to run off your roof and travel efficiently through your gutter system, down your downspouts and safely away from your home. Gutter Guard provides you with extra gutter protection allowing you to worry about the more important things in life.

Gutter Guard

One of the most common roof cleaning things to consider

Gutter Guard is just one of the many different, yet similar, products that provide you with gutter protection. Products such as Leafree and Leaf Lid. These types of gutter protection are solid covers for your gutters. When choosing which product works best for you it all comes down to personal preference on how you want your gutter to look! With proper installation from R & R Property Recovery, Gutter Guard can last you 10 years, even coming with a manufacturer warranty. So, if you’re tired of climbing that ladder every fall or heavy storm to clean out your gutters, email or give R & R a call today (770) 403-1360!

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