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Does this roofing repair expert work in the rain? Absolutely not. That's one thing that makes him a smart roofer. Would Solomon inspect an attic in the rain. Ding... ding!! Abso-roof-ly! With the use of thermal image cameras, wet areas in the attic can be noted for the next dry day in Hamilton Mill.

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TOP THREE THINGS that mainly cause the need for roof repair: poor construction, storm damage, or age. If property owners or contractors cut corners to save money, the soundness of the roof may suffer. Roofing Contractors in Hamilton Mill  area.

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Roof repair must always begin with a thorough inspection. Here is a complete list of roofing components to inspect: dormer, drip edge, fascia, soffit, valley, hip, gable, flashing, shingles, and starter strip. If Roof repair companies near me in Hamilton Mill is your search, then you've found the right roofing contractor nearby.

Roof Repair Technology

Hamilton Mill Quick Roof Inspection Drones: The Future of Roof Inspecting is Now here

Whenever you hear the word drone, you think back to childhood syfy movies that mystified you with flying cars and robots. Locally, we’re getting pretty close to that. So, what do drones have to do with roof inspections? Your typical roof inspection would go as follows: an inspector would come and lean a ladder against your beautiful home and shimmy up as quickly as possible while he/she looks at the roof; you watch from the ground. Ever wonder what the roof inspectors are seeing up there? Now, you can know. 

Roof repair pre-inspection

A Dynamic Remotely Operated Navigation Equipment, or drone for short is a portable device that allows the operator to see remotely. So now instead of roof inspectors taking time to climb up a latter and set up safety equipment and quite possibly damage your roof in the act of inspecting it, they can do it all from the ground standing right next to you. This allows three things, a safer, quicker and more hands-on inspection for both inspector and you, the home owner. No more waiting for your roof inspector to set up his equipment, with the unzipping of a case and wirelessly connecting to the drone via cellular device, we are right next to you looking and the very top of your home from the ground. 

Using a drone for home inspections allows you to see what the inspector sees and helps you to understand the problem. Instead of just saying “You need a roof repair”, you can be shown why you need a roof repair and the problems your roof may be facing AND how you can fix and avoid these problems in the future. You can be shown all of this because with R&R Property Recovery, we have drones that connect wirelessly to our phones allowing us to show you in real time what your roof looks like, what the problem is, and the steps we can take to help solve a roofing problem. We can take pictures and send them directly to you, your insurance company, or just for future reference. Using a drone versus the traditional method of roof inspection is safer for us and more interesting for you. 

753 Homes Qualify for Atlas Chalet Roof Replacement Inspection. Is your insurance company preparing to cancel your policy?

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